Saturday, November 29, 2008


This morning was our 18.6 miler run, the longest to date. I did great! Slow but great! I ran for 4 hours and 20 minutes. We started at 5 am, and ran from memorial park down dunlavy to west gray, where we had a water stop at luke's locker. From there, continue down Dunlavy to Bisonett, Cherokee, and a water stop before hitting Rice. Then around Rice, then around Hermann Park, and all the way back. Blistered my pinkie toe on my right foot, could have sworn I was going to peel off my sock at luke's and have a nice bloody mess with a missing toe nail. No such luck. I had visions of people standing around me "Oh, nasty, that must hurt". Of course I would take it up, shrug it off and finish my run. No such heroics for me though.

I constantly want people to ask me how much I've run recently. The golfers in hermann park, city workers, basically anyone I run into that day and the rest of the week. Because, obviously, people can look at me and see, oh, she's a runner, I bet she ran so far today I want to oh and ah over her accomplishment.

Hmm..maybe custom t shirts? I ran ___ miles today.

Wishful thinking..

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Mallory Elise said...

hiiiiiii im a random blog reader too. :) oooh you just started yours--watch out blogging can take over your life!

Seattle was amazing, it was a great course.i am planing a 16 week training for a full in June, which one? i don't know yet. hehe.

just one thing--i was reading your posts and thought, huh? it's cold in texas? what?

a lot of my recipes are gluten free because im allergic to wheat. anyways. nice to meet you!