Friday, November 21, 2008

New blog

After spending way too much of my free time reading other people's running blogs, I have decided to start my own.

Basically this unrealistic running goal started with a little inspiration from my dad. Dad has run his fair share of marathons, and I certainly had dabbled with running before. But there was an article published about a young women (read: my age) and her father, who climbed Mt Kilaminjaro together. I think my email went something like this:

"Hey Dad, I know it's not Kilaminjaro, but wanna run a marathon together?"

Previously I had began training for a 10K in 2006, but being back in school after a summer of running derailed that. I did however, do my first 5K, even if it was poorly.

Now, 2 years later, I signed up for HoustonFit. We are already over halfway through with training, and there was a certain point where I realized that this was actually not an unrealistic goal. I think it was the first time I ran for over an hour straight. When I started training, I was running with the 5/1 group, which is a really great program. As weird as this sounds, what encouraged me to run the whole thing was aiming too high. I showed up late for a run, and started with the group a speed ahead of me. Of course I fell behind, but I thought, why don't I see how far I can take this. The next thing I know I've run the whole 8 or 9 miles (I may have gotten sidelined by losing site of the faster group and passing up the walkers). That's when it really hit me that it's true what they say, running a marathon is not about mastering 26.2 miles, it's about mastering the 8 inches between your ears.

So zoom onward. My race history so far, to update the cyber world:

Maribelle's 5K
August 5th, 2006
Race time: 38:59
Pace time: 12:33 min/mile
Oh how nieve I was. This race was frustrating for me, because hey, I coudl run 20 minutes on a treadmill in an airconditioned gym. Why can't I run well on a road. In Texas. In August.

Maribelle's 5K
August 2nd, 2008
Race time: 45:32
Pace time: 14:39
And I thought I was frustrated before. This was after I started training with HoustonFit, but while I was still doing 5/1s and having calf problems.

Nike Human Race 10K
August 31st, 2008
Race Time: 1:38:31
Pace time: 15:52
Watch out for those hills. Still a 5/1er.

Houston Half
October 26th, 2008
Race Time: 2:43:31
Pace: 12:36
This was a fantastic race for me. This was when I was really hitting my strides. No more 5/1ing here! It was a little amazing that after 3 months I could run 13.1 miles.

November 9th, 2008
Race Time: 3:28:36
Pace: 13:27
Just eeking in under the 3 1/2 hour time limit. Not as great as the half, but still a decent run.

It is odd to be able to say now that running 10 miles is easy, but it is. These last 3 months have seen some amazing changes mentally and physically.

Briefly, because I would love to end my first post on a positive karmic note, I owe a lot fo thanks for getting as far as I am today. Dad, who has run with me through thick and thin (literally, I was an awful running partner in July) and Dad tried his best to encourage me. Last weekend we run 11 miles together, and it went amazingly well. We kept pretty good pace together, finished strong, and I know that I could have run faster and further. Mom and Bob, who have always been supportive, and have encouraged me to be healthy (Bob, for a 50 year old you are a great fitness role model). Coaches at HoustonFit, especially the Red Lobster coaches, running with you guys is wonderful. If it sucked I wouldn't be able to get up at lovely 3 30 am to run with you. Oh two more, Koala for helping strengthen my calves so I could stop being a whiny B when running, and Steve, my personal trainer for strengthening the rest of me.

13 Mile run tomorrow with the Red Lobsters, and a 30K coming up.

I guess it would be good to clairify what my unrealistic running goal is. I am running the Chevron Houston Marathon in January. My goal with this blog is to reach out more into the running world, and as I pass a goal, create a new one. I hope you enjoy reading!


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