Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back in the shoes

Ah...who doesn't love getting up in time before work to run? Oh well, it could have been worse, I could have been running alone! BF joined me for a quick 30 minutes run this morning. About 54 degrees out, wore running tights and my 2009 HOUSTON MARATHON FINISHERS SHIRT (woot). Did not cover my ears - note to self, if you're going to spend 20 bucks on a nice athletic, wicking, insulated headband, wear it.

The first run after a marathon is pretty interesting. Weird things happen. Abnormal things. Like my right calf being tighter then my left. And my left hamstring being a little tight. Gasp. Freeeakkky.

Seriously, I have always had calf problems, but they come and go. They were bothering me during taper time, which could have been mental, and they bothered me at the start of training, when I was attempting to do 5/1s. But now, more often then not, they get tight for a couple miles and then once a good pace settles in, they relax more. And always my left leg is worse then my right.

But overall it was a good, fast paced run for me. 15 minutes out, then back, small negative split (we're not sure exactly where we started running, because we we walking to the street and decided it was too cold to not be running). Covered almost 2.7 miles, in 30 minutes, at a 11.1 min/mile pace. Pretty good for me. The BF typically runs faster then I do, so he has to put up with slowing down for me (major drag I know :-P).

Now, this is an interesting situation I face. What do I do tomorrow? Do I pull out my bike and do some training? Do I weight train? Do I try a yoga class that I've been wanting to do? It's very interesting to be able to have no set schedule and to do whatever I please for a workout. A few options for this weekend: Saturday run with some Houston Fit-ers in Memorial, Saturday run with H T Rex (Houston Trail Runners EXtreme), or Sunday swim with Houston Racing Triathalon Club.

Anyways, I will decide tomorrow and let you guys know :)

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