Thursday, January 29, 2009

Booo...down with sickness!

I haven't written anything lately because I've been sick. Sick enough to stay home from work on Wednesday, which is not fun. The worst part has been waking up to a raw throat first thing in the morning. But nothing like a day of sitting at home on my rear drinking tea to fix that.

Tonight I went out for a run. It was kind of a weird thing. I got home and the boyfriend wasn't coming over, and I thought, "hmm...what to do". So I came up with take Jude out on the "Buddy" leash Mom bought me for christmas and take Jude out for a run with me. This is my 10 month old puppy, who can't even heel well when I walk. Yeah right. So I spent a half hour walking around the apartment complex with him (one time around!) then I dropped him off at my apartment. Then I started jogging, thinking about what I should do for a run. My first thought was "hill" training (running up and down the 3 story apartment complex parking garage), but I thought no, I'm running trails on Saturday, I should speed train. Argggg, what kind of a marathonr thinks that?

This blog expresses my sentiments exactly.

So I did a leisurely 10 minute easy run and then did 4 sprint sets, 1/8th mile, itty bitty baby sprints. But yes, I did sprints. At the last one, my throat was raw, my heart was pounding, and I hadn't catched my breath during the 1/8 mile inbetween sprints. So I was done. Water. Please.

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