Sunday, January 25, 2009


Went shopping at Hong Kong Market and Central Market today (got some awesome persimmons, but wait, this isn't a food blog) and realized Bicycle World was closing at 5, so I had to drop groceries off, and haul on my bike to get there on time. The guys helped me pick out everything I wanted - front and back lights, odometer, and water bottle holder - and installed them for me (which I was really glad they did, the odometer looked a bit complicated). So I'm leaving the store and headed down kirby towards Holcombe when....


Face plant. I was trying to go from the street to the sidewalk and there was a driveway with a bigger step up then I thought and I tried to go over it. Instead of rolling, my front tire slide down the step and my momentum shot my body over the bike and to the side. Thank god for my helmet, although I have a nice strawberry on my elbow, and I also banged my shin on the bicycle itself. I was very glad that I didn't wipe out in front of the bike store, although I'm pretty sure it was firm in everyone's mind that I had little to no idea what I was doing. I was asking for the terminology for my bike. Like, is it called a mountain bike, road bike, def not a racing bike. Turns out it's a hybrid. And I should be just fine to use it in races for a while. No one will point and laugh.

Anyway, so I cleaned up, and decided to swing by Rice Epicurian to pick up big bandaids. By then, it's getting too late for 6 pm yoga, esp because I don't really have the equiptment and had wanted to give myself some time to check out the store first and some extra time in case it took me longer then I thought to bike there. So Instead I went home and pulled myself back together and baked! :)

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