Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last day of recovery

So, as today is my last day of recovery, I have nothing fun or interesting to talk about. Or do I???

One of the many projects I have been working on is the Texas Independence Relay. There's a link posted to the right on this page, and it looks to be an awesome time!

In summary, the TIR is a 203 mile relay race from Gonzales to La Porte, following the path of the battle for Texas independence. Teams are typically 8-12 people, although there are some really hardcore people, like DR CPR, who is running solo (amazing ultra-marathoner!!!!) I am team captain of the Texas Speed Bumps! Woot!

Aside from finding team members (which is actually quite hard) I am in charge of quite a lot of organizational stuff for our team. Organizing sleeping quarters, transportation, t shirts, and the big one, how to decide who is running what legs. Fortunately we've got a full team, so only 4 people are running 4 legs, the rest running 3 (there are 40 legs total).

The TIR had a booth at the Houston Marathon expo, where I finally met Jay, who keeps a blog also. I told him I was Amy, the team captian for the Texas Speed Bumps, and he magically pulled my last name out of his head. Impressive! I've emailed him once (twice if you count my entry form).

With everything I've read about the TIR and from what I've seen online (check this out!) the TIR looks like it's going to be awesome! My team:

and Me!

Plus we have some back ups and and a supportive pit crew. I've found that as I get closer to the date, I meet people who say, oh yeah I wanted to do that but I couldn't get a team together. And of course, as my race interest continues, I'm meeting more and more runners. So I have no concerns about making it to the starting line of the TIR with a full team!

Anyway, that's a very exciting one coming up.

Thanks for reading!

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