Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Let's see it's been about 53 hours since I finished the marathon. I am sore. I can not go down stairs (at least without going backwards anyway). I just gained back my appetite.

I owe a lot to a lot of people. I don't think my mom could say enough how proud of me she was. She ran with me, so did SD and BF, and I am very thankful. Would have been even worse otherwise.

And of course, HoustonFit. Who else would meet me at Memorial Park at 4 30 am in the freezing cold? So big thanks to Rose, Art, and the rest of the Red Lobsters. HoustonFit could not come more highly recommended from me.

That being said, I think HoustonFit and I have to part ways. My goal is to achieve unrealistic running goals. And I achieved one, so far. But one of the best things that has come out of my running experiences has been that I have inspired some other people to start running. BF and I have done a few runs together now (our first long one being a 8 miler to Rice), and we plan on keeping that up. Mom and SD have signed up for the Texas Independence Relay with me, and they have been running together to train. They both came up to run with me the week before the marathon on a brief 6 mile 'long run'. So now I have a goal of mastering my long runs with my small crew - or just on the lonesome.

I have joined another training group, Houston Racing Triathlon Training. I'm not committing to a triathlon yet, but I got a recommendation from a guy I bumped into at physical therapy to join this group. It's cheap (25/year) to join and I can train for cheap in pools and bike with groups. In particular, there is a Sunday afternoon Pool Shark swimming session, group long bike rides, and bricks (bike and run sessions) on Thursday nights. So while someday I will set a goal of a triathlon, right now I want to keep up my long runs and get more cross training in. I would also like to do yoga, but I might have to figure out how to make time stand still before I do that.

So what concrete goals have I made? Austin! BF and I (along with Cousin in Austin and Dad) are running the Austin Half Marathon. I am really looking forward to it, seeing as how it will be a chance to break a PR (since technically a first race is a PR) and it will be BF's first race. Not to mention it's a 3 day weekend, V-day, and there are plenty of personal things going on that weekend. So all in all, should be great!

Next goal: Texas Independence Relay, March 7-8. Can not wait! More on that later!

Thanks for reading!

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