Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bike adventure

One of the things I've wanted to do lately is start biking to my training. So I decided that I needed to test out the route to take to get places - Memorial Park, Lamar HS, etc. So tonight I grabbed my bike and got going. My path started as the "suggested walking path" by my iPhone. Through West U on the east side of Buffalo Speedway, to Kirby to get under 59. Then up Kirby, eventually making my way over to Shepard. This part had some pretty high traffic, so I tried to hop to skip streets when I could, and I don't remember exactly how I went. But I made it up to Memorial park. memorial park was actually the scariest part of my ride. It was so damn quiet and there was no one around. I almost hit an armadillo.

From Memorial park I kept to the bike trail alongside 610 until SanFelipe. Turned left, then right on Westcreek. That was a quiet stretch, but there were people coming and going from houses pretty often, and no cars to contend with. From Westcreek to Westheimer, through a bit of HIghland Village. I stopped here at Lululemon, a yoga-based clothing store. I have a friend who has designed store fronts for them, and I've been on their mailing list. They have the yoga Sunday nights that I've been meaning to attend. I had gotten an email that they were having a party, but I didn't really think much about attending for some reason. When I biked by the party was still rolling (around 8 30). There was caperoria dancers performing, bites to eat, and a water fountain. So I took a peek around the store. Each store has a flip-page display (like the kind that you display movie posters in) that has information on the store, the community, yoga, etc. So I paged through that, and answered my most important question prior to attending a free yoga session - do they provide mats (they do).

Back on the bike down Drexel to richmond, to Weslyan, to west park (which has a bike path) and then down swamee to home. Overall, the route back from Memorial was much better. Less lights, less traffic, safe paths to take. However, the time was a bit longer then I had in mind. It took me almost 1 hours to get to Memorial, and then 45 minutes to get back. So if I'm meeting HTRex tomorrow at 7 am do I want to get up extra early and bike? Not really. But I should sometime to see how long it takes when there is absolutely no traffic.

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