Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ooo...not a good day for my bike. As ridiculously embarrassing as it is, I'm going to tell this story. I sat on my porch last night to try to figure out how to take the front tire off my bike so it would fit in my sedan (now that the BEAST is back with Enterprise).

The engineer that I am, I have multiple tool kits and may have been a little over zealous. I'll just say I used a screwdriver to get part of my brake off. What I didn't notice was that I left a spring and another metal piece just...hangin' out. So when I took my bike to my car this morning, I was walking down the stairs and heard something fall from the bike and hit metal to metal and then bounce around somewhere. I checked out my bike, not really seeing anything missing. I figured it was a washer, so I leaned my bike up against the stair rails and checked under the stairs for a washer. No luck. So I tossed the bike in and hoped it would go together anyways.

Fast forward to a few hours ago, got to Memorial for bricks with HRTC and realized that no, I was missing some serious peices. So, I tried to assemble the bike anyways and the brake was riding on the tire. *insert explitive here*

So to top it off, I'm not in a bad mood and worried that I can't fix my bike. But I think while I'm here, I should run. So I start off on the memorial loop, and I just can't make it. I go about half a mile and my lower calves are so damn tight, I wuss out and turn around.

I'm excusing myself a little by saying that is was my first solo run in quite a while (and I mean real solo - not back of the pack solo).

Here's to hoping I can find the parts and fix my bike by Sunday!! :(

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