Tuesday, February 10, 2009

HRTC Meeting

Tonight was the first HRTC meeting that I could attend.  The best parts of it were that race directors came and talked about their upcoming races.  They handed out a calender for this season, and auctioned off race entries.  Unfortunately I didn't buy a ticket for the raffle because I didn't expect the meeting to go so long so I thought by leaving early I would miss the raffle.  Oh well.  Worst part?  Papa John's wheat crust pizza.

Something mentioned in the about me section is that I would like to explore the possibilities of where my new found athleticism will take me.  Usually what I was thinking was ultras, triathlons, or literally, where.  So here are two commitments I am going to make for those last 2 thoughts:

1)  Trigirl's Super Sprint Tri on May 10th.  Like, super sprint.  Which I realize is kinda cheating.  It's like saying I'm going to run one mile of a marathon.  But it's a start.  And specifically it will get me out to buy something to wear in the water.  And hopefully get me in the water.  Swim 200yds, Bike 8 run 2.  Thats the plan.

2)  Run the Burmuda Triangle Challenge.  Not only am I going to go and run this, but I'm actually inviting people to go with me.  I actually know people.  Who would want to do this.  Awesome.  The Bermuda Triangle Challenge is a 3 day event.  One mile run Friday, 10K Saturday, and a half/full marathon Sunday.  That kind of counts as multiple goals, right?

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