Thursday, February 12, 2009

HRTC Track workout (part duex)

Second track workout of the year. I biked there, yay!, so it was like a mini-brick actually. Although I biked and ran further then HRTC does on their Thursday bricks. It's about a 3 mile bike ride to the track, which I did in about 20 minutes. Traffic was ok to deal with. Actually West U is great for biking on the sidewalk cause it's about 5 feet away from the street. So if I did happen to hit a bump and fall (again) at least I wouldn't fall into the street. Plus the people are nice. I only had a few walkers in my way and they all went to the side for me. I even had some cars who were waiting on the side street to turn onto the main road who realized they were blocking the pedestrian path and backed up for me. The major charlie foxtrot I hit was that by the kroger, on the east side of the street, there is construction going on. So I had to get off my bike and trudge through the mud. Which got me significantly dirty. Since it was still daylight, I managed to read my odometer. I was biking, at my top speed, around 14.5 mph. At least I think it's mph. Maybe I should look...

The track run was great. I got there a bit late, but was already warm (very warm) from the bike. So I did one 400m lap to warm up and then I did:

6 x 600 m w 1 minute rest (at half marathon pace)
5 minute rest
6 x 200 m w 1 minute rest (at 5K pace)

The last 200m my left hamstring started to go. twitching, tightening, cramping. I was worried that this would make for a painful bike ride home, but the bike back was much better. No construction on the west side of the street, and therefore it was a smooth bike back. So I totaled 6 miles biking, about 15 minutes of walking, and 3.25 miles running.


Courtney said...

sweet workout! shouldn't you be tapering? and i totally think you can have a PR this weekend if you want!! :) hills schmills! ;)

David said...

See!! I'm not the only one who reads your blog! Hope the hamstring feels better today though. :)