Saturday, February 21, 2009

Introducing the BF to the trails

Today was my third trail run, and unfortunately my last for a while.

The BF came with me, and we were supposed to meet this guy B who never showed up. Name changed to protect the (not-so) innocent.

However, two others did show up...we'll call them M and S. Names changed to protect the victims.

So, M decided not to trail run, since none of the four of us knew the trails well, but out of the woods came Miles and Josh (the leaders on my first and secodn trail runs, respectively), and were able to offer us some tips to picking a path. So the three of us ran two loops in about an hour and 12 minutes. S was lovely company to have, and I don't think the BF minded our conversation too much.

Thanks for being good running buddies guys!

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Shelley said...

Hi Amy - "S" here! I just found your blog through the HTREX messages. Great account of our exciting-but-fortunately-not-too-exciting-liked-being-attacked-by-an-armadillo-trail run. Looking forward to running with you on the trails soon!

By the way, I've known Cass, the commenter on your biking post, since high school. She's a great gal and I would take her up on the Zephyr rides.