Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On fire Wednesday!

Woot! Good workouts today. Yes plural!!!

This morning I worked out with my personal trainer Steve, which will be my last workout with him for a while due to financial reasons. But it was good:

5 minute walk at 3.2 mph
obliques/abs/hamstring leg curls
biking sprints
5 minute walk at 3 mph, 10% incline

I think that about sums it up. The bike sprints really had me pushing it. Steve told me to aim for 90 rpms but i got it up to 100 and kept it there, even though I struggled on the last sets.

In the afternoon, I joined HRTC for a track workout. It was pretty good:

800 m easy run
1000 m fast run (half marathon pace)
1 minute rest
6x200 m faster run (5K pace) with 2 minute rests between
6x100 m sprints with 100m walk rests

My sprints felt really good. Actually the whole run felt really good. The main problem I had with it was that I haven't run a 5K since August, so I don't really know what my pace is for a 5K. I think I was able to guess pretty well, cause I felt pretty good while I was running. It's got me thinking about a need to go do some smaller races. BF and I have talked about doing the Rodeo 10K the end of February, inbetween Austin and the TIR. We'll see.

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