Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ohh...possibly the best PR EVER!

So that's a lie, because the best PR ever will be a marathon PR, but anyways....

Rodeo Run Run-down:

Windy run, esp from miles 2.5 - 3.5 when we had a serious head wind and some hills. Nice cheer squad first couple miles.

My results:
Chip time: 1:11:22.08
First 5K: 36:47
Second 5K: 34:34
Pace: 11:28

Woot!! That's kicking the butt off my previous 10K time by 27:09 (or taking 4:24 minutes/mile off).

This also marks the first recorded time that my pace has been under 12:30 AND recorded negative split. Really, really cool moment.

This was the BF's first 10K (second official race) and he gets major props for beating his predicted time, coming in at 54 minutes. There is also a team member for my up and coming TIR debut who ran this morning as well, who came in faster then...well faster then I thought she would the way she's been talking about her own speed. Go her!

Go us!

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KCWoodhead said...

I cheered for you at the finish - no idea if you heard me or not, but I saw you go by and screamed my little head off!