Sunday, March 15, 2009

Running leg 35 again!!

Today the BF and I took off to try to find out where I missed the turn on leg 35 last weekend. The plan was to run from Memorial park along Memorial, going on the trail at Shepard and following it until downtown. It is actually a very neat little path, one that I didn't realize existed. The path goes under memorial, and around various parks and into a little "river walk" type area downtown.

We passed under Memorial the first time, and we both heard the distant rumble of thunder. Now, it is always a good idea to run in the rain, because most races are not canceled due to weather. However, in Houston Fit the attitude is that thunder and lightening are big no-nos. We continued on, hoping the weather would stave off for a bit. We made it all the way to downtown, noting where I missed the turn, and then it started to POUR. We debated for a while about whether to continue or not, but the rain showed no signs of letting up. We got a ride back to our car and called it a day...sadly.

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