Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A New Approach to Track

So due to my serious suckage at track, I've been not looking forward to going again.  When I whined, the BF said if it's too hard just don't do it.  Do whatever you can.

So I showed up to track, and while the rest of HRTC was doing 800 meter intervals, I did 4 100 m sprints.  I just did 2 miles total.  But if I'm going to start all over, that's a good place to start.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


This weekend the BF and I are in NOLA for Jazz fest (amoung other things).  W've been slacking on our running.  BF was sick last weekend, so for obvious reasons I didn't want to get out of bed and run by myself (at 6 am).

So today we started Audubon Park, and ran along the Mississippi River for a while.  If you know the park, we went along the zoo till we got to the other side of the park, then came around, with some detours into the neighborhood.  Then we ran down St Charles St for a ways.  I think we did between 6 and 7 miles.

It was not the run we needed to do, but it was still a run.  Considering we'd driven in last night after I got off work, it was pretty good.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So I am a wuss when it comes to track.  Today's workout was supposed to be sets of 800 at an I pace.  EIGHT HUNDRED!!

I did 300s.  And not well.

2.25 miles total.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh it's getting hilly!

Seeing as how Seattle's course is dotted with more hills then I care to think about, BF and I are starting hill training. Nothing major, because, let's face it, we're in Houston, but enough that maybe I won't die.

My apartment complex has a couple of 3 story garages. They are staggered floors, so the slope goes up half a story and then is flat along the length of the garage and then goes up half a story get the picture (hopefully)

So we started with a 10 minute easy run around the complex and then went up and down the stairs twice. At first I wanted to push it but then I realized how much my calves are still recovering from the 15 miler, and that put an end to things. We jogged around the complex again to "cool down" (I consider a real cool down sitting my butt on the couch). There was definitely a lot of tension in my lower legs, especially on the exterior muscles (I think it's the Peroneus Brevis Muscle and Extensor Digitorum Longus Muscle). I even iced my lower right calf after wards. Hopefully hills will get better.

Oh, and I registered for the San Antonio marathon November 15th! HoustonFit will be in high gear then, very exciting!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

So close to 15 miles!

Woke up this morning to head out for our first REAL training run. Up until this point, BF and I have just been maintaining our distance (although it is maintaining at the half marathon distance) but now we start to up our mileage. Today's goal was 15.5 miles.

We started by going to rice and running half the loop over to Hermann park. Around Hermann park, back onto the rice loop and then up to Bissonnet, Shepherd, and then all the way up to kirby. From there went down Troon (which is by far my favorite 1/4 mile of running in Houston). Follow Troon to Lazy Lane, River Oaks, and down Buffalo Speedway. We were supposed to make a zig zag at some point, but I couldn't remember exactly where, so I made it up. When I got back and plotted the actual course we ran I was only 2 block off. TWO BLOCKS! And those 2 blocks cost us 3/4 of a mile. Damn. Maybe next time I'll remember my own damn route.

Otherwise it was a good run. It was slow, but I stayed well hydrated and fueled. I drank 40 oz and had 3 Gus, plus a sample size larabar! So no getting hungry for me. It was pretty warm, which we're going to have to get used to for the Seattle Rock N Roll, but as far as heat goes, we'll have all those wusses who train in beautiful and cool places like Seattle beat.

Next weekend is a short(er) run...maybe 10 miles? We will have an 18+ run coming up soon though, EK!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Track practice: back on the wagon for real now!

Since I don't have any races until Seattle it is a really good time for me to get back on the horse with speed workouts.

The assignment for today is a little hard to write (I had to get coach to explain it to me):

warm up
repeat 2-4 times:
2x equal time run 200m and walk break
1x equal time run 400m and walk break
cool down

so what I did (since I do not have the mental capacity to remember my stopwatch so often):
1600 m warm up
200m run
100m walk
200m run
100m walk
300m run
good walk, water, and stretch break
200m run
100m walk
200m run
100m walk
400m run
400m cool down

Speed training is SOO hard. I know that I can run really slowly for a long time, and really quickly for a short time (when we do sprints I open up a can of whoop A) but running at an uncomfortable level for a longer distance then 200m is HARD.

Enough whining. The great part about track practice was it was quiet. There were not many people there, so it gives the people that are there a more 1 on 1 experience with Coach Storey.

Stay tuned - he told me in a few weeks we are going to have a 7-mile gut buster speed workout. FUN!

Total miles: approx 2.5

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Relaxed 8 miler

Today we did a nice and relaxed 8.2 mile run - out to the Rice and Hermann Park loops. It felt pretty good after the Angie's Half, and a good simple run in between!

BF and I love to run through this area. The houses are all unique and interesting (not to mention expensive). The running track always has interesting people to watch for. I love to see parents out there with their kids, even young ones in strollers. I know Houston is one of the most overweight cities in the U.S., but some people are seriously pulling their own weight around here, no pun intended!

Good luck to all in the Lone Star Tri tomorrow! Go HRTC!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sneaker milage

Just thought I would tally up my miles on my sneakers and see how I'm doing. The result:

186 miles since early December.