Saturday, April 11, 2009

So close to 15 miles!

Woke up this morning to head out for our first REAL training run. Up until this point, BF and I have just been maintaining our distance (although it is maintaining at the half marathon distance) but now we start to up our mileage. Today's goal was 15.5 miles.

We started by going to rice and running half the loop over to Hermann park. Around Hermann park, back onto the rice loop and then up to Bissonnet, Shepherd, and then all the way up to kirby. From there went down Troon (which is by far my favorite 1/4 mile of running in Houston). Follow Troon to Lazy Lane, River Oaks, and down Buffalo Speedway. We were supposed to make a zig zag at some point, but I couldn't remember exactly where, so I made it up. When I got back and plotted the actual course we ran I was only 2 block off. TWO BLOCKS! And those 2 blocks cost us 3/4 of a mile. Damn. Maybe next time I'll remember my own damn route.

Otherwise it was a good run. It was slow, but I stayed well hydrated and fueled. I drank 40 oz and had 3 Gus, plus a sample size larabar! So no getting hungry for me. It was pretty warm, which we're going to have to get used to for the Seattle Rock N Roll, but as far as heat goes, we'll have all those wusses who train in beautiful and cool places like Seattle beat.

Next weekend is a short(er) run...maybe 10 miles? We will have an 18+ run coming up soon though, EK!

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