Thursday, April 9, 2009

Track practice: back on the wagon for real now!

Since I don't have any races until Seattle it is a really good time for me to get back on the horse with speed workouts.

The assignment for today is a little hard to write (I had to get coach to explain it to me):

warm up
repeat 2-4 times:
2x equal time run 200m and walk break
1x equal time run 400m and walk break
cool down

so what I did (since I do not have the mental capacity to remember my stopwatch so often):
1600 m warm up
200m run
100m walk
200m run
100m walk
300m run
good walk, water, and stretch break
200m run
100m walk
200m run
100m walk
400m run
400m cool down

Speed training is SOO hard. I know that I can run really slowly for a long time, and really quickly for a short time (when we do sprints I open up a can of whoop A) but running at an uncomfortable level for a longer distance then 200m is HARD.

Enough whining. The great part about track practice was it was quiet. There were not many people there, so it gives the people that are there a more 1 on 1 experience with Coach Storey.

Stay tuned - he told me in a few weeks we are going to have a 7-mile gut buster speed workout. FUN!

Total miles: approx 2.5

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