Monday, May 25, 2009

Last training run for Seattle

Today the BF and I pulled off something I NEVER thought I would do. We got up at 3 30 am to go out and run.

We hit the start around 4:20 am and picked up our run. Last time BF and I discussed how many people we thought we'd see at certain spots on our run. Rice loop, FYI, there were 3 people out (including us). The other was also a runner. Hermann park was a different story, and it was probably something I should have thought about earlier. We saw about 7 or 8 homeless people around the park (and probably many more that I didn't see). Fortunately it was quiet out, and we passed and were allowed to pass in peace and quiet.

From the loops we headed up Dunlavy to West Grey, where we stopped at the 24 hour Walgreens to refuel and use the restroom. We also passed Luke's Locker. We saw a TIR team member. I wish I had remembered that it was Monday doughnut runs with Houston Fit, but I forgot.

From West Grey up to Shepherd, left on Memorial down to the park. We went around the loop and ran into many more Houston Fitters. FYI - don't bet on how many people you'll see at 8 am in Memorial on a Monday holiday. Too many to count. Back down Memorial for another stop and refuel at Starbucks.

From Memorial we took our pretty normal route down Troon, Lazy Lane, Inwood, Riveroaks, and then weaving down towards Buffalo Speedway. Once again I felt pretty crabby towards the end. BF becomes a serious optomist towards the end, which I guess is a good match to keep me sane towards the end.

Next time packing food miht be a good idea. BF ate a muffin at starbucks. I remembered how much I enjoyed eating Fig Newtons during HoustonFit long runs, so maybe next time I'll stash some of those in my belt. I don't remember eating too much in the marathon. Maybe the addrenalin keeps your mind so focus on what you are doing your body doesn't get hungry.

As with the 17 miler, I am walking a lot more then I used to. I am really looking forward to starting HoustonFit runs, thanks to the atmosphere on the runs (although I will not be running with my normal coaches. I'm not even sure they're going to join us when the regular HoustonFit season starts).

I'm not particularly looking forward to Seattle, because I will not have the support group that I had during the Houston Marathon. This will be a challenging race, and I am very glad the time limit is 7 hours. I wish they had better pace groups though! As far as I can tell the pace groups only go up to I think 4 hours. Anyone else aiming for 6 hours??

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ode to old (and new) shoes

In preparation for Seattle, BF and I decided to buy new shoes to break in this weekend. Good bye old shoes, I put 259 miles on you running, and you served me well!

FYI, new shoes (Gel-nimbus 11) are a lot prettier then the old ones (Gel-cumulus 10, in orange):

Monday, May 18, 2009

Traveling: Troy NY

This morning I am posting from lovely Troy NY. I am up for my little brother's graduation, and I am using this opportunity to get some stellar hill practice in...or to try.

My fabulous running buddy is here! We're setting off to explore my alma mater!

When I put together routes, I like to use because I can save the routes that I use, and I end up using ones near home quite often. Also, I can look up other people's routes. The downside about it is that there is only a manual option, unlike g-map pedometer that has a running setting (follows the shortest route possible while staying on the streets using the proper flow of traffic for a runner) and a biking setting (ditto, but biking traffic laws). So, for example, when I use walkjogrun to map my run down allen parkway into downtown and then back up memorial, I end up using hundreds of dots, which often causes to the system to slow down. Not so good.

Anyway, the point of the story is I looked up other people's routes on walkjogrun and found a long run that went into the back of Troy NY out in the country. I thought that would be scenic so I combined a route through campus with this route, headed down route 2, then a right on Troy Country Club Road, and another right on Pawling, a road I am familiar with. The course was set to cover 10 miles, and be pretty damn hilly.

However, upon turning down Route 2, we realized there was no adequate sidewalk, and not nearly a wide enough shoulder. So we decided to turn back and make up a bit of a route. There was enough sidewalk going the other way for us to make it down to Pawling (the three roads form a triangle). Our route ended up being little more then 7 miles, but hey...we're on vacation.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick 10 Miles

Just a quick post to write we did 10 miles this morning...uneventful run on a regular to house hunt!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sneaker Milage

241.85 miles since December. miles

BF and I had a tough run today. We did not get up nearly early enough to set off for our run. It was hot and humid. We took an unexpected half hour break. I wussed out on the last little jig to give me my 18th mile.

We started by doing about half of the rice loop and then headed up Dunlavy to West Grey. We timed it well, so we were able to stop in at the first day of HoustonFit's Fall Marathon training program. I didn't count on the speech starting then, and so we stood around for about a half hour. It did give us a good chance to use the restrooms and refuel. So as the group headed off for the 3 mile run, BF and I split up to talk to our coaches and introduce ourselves. It was basically a "Hey you probably won't remember me, but We'll start running with you in about 5 weeks."

At this point we were about 6 miles in to the run. We ran up Dunlavy to Allen Parkway, where we took a right and went down the trail into downtown and back up Memorial. Overall it's a nice run because it's one of those areas in town where there are always people out. One BIG negative - the water in the water fountains tasted awful.

Finishing up by going through River Oaks I got hungry, thirsty, and pretty much drained. We stopped at the corner of Buffalo Speedway and 59 to refill our water bottles at the gas station. Something to note was that although I really enjoy coconut water way more then I enjoy gaterade, it's not so good warm. And I had filled up all of my fuel belt with coconut water when we started off. Being picky, I only drank 3 8oz bottles before it got too warm. The water at AllenParkway was almost unbearable to drink. So at the gas station I dumped out all my bottles and refilled. We trudged on, but I ewas not feeling up to it anymore. So BF left me to go run half a mile off Buffalo Speedway and then come back, while I trudged home. Slowly.

But it was 17 miles. And it could have been worse.

I actually didn't nap. I've been awake all day after that, which is pretty amazing. But tiem for bed now, as restless as I'm feeling hopefully I can calm down and sleep.