Sunday, May 3, 2009 miles

BF and I had a tough run today. We did not get up nearly early enough to set off for our run. It was hot and humid. We took an unexpected half hour break. I wussed out on the last little jig to give me my 18th mile.

We started by doing about half of the rice loop and then headed up Dunlavy to West Grey. We timed it well, so we were able to stop in at the first day of HoustonFit's Fall Marathon training program. I didn't count on the speech starting then, and so we stood around for about a half hour. It did give us a good chance to use the restrooms and refuel. So as the group headed off for the 3 mile run, BF and I split up to talk to our coaches and introduce ourselves. It was basically a "Hey you probably won't remember me, but We'll start running with you in about 5 weeks."

At this point we were about 6 miles in to the run. We ran up Dunlavy to Allen Parkway, where we took a right and went down the trail into downtown and back up Memorial. Overall it's a nice run because it's one of those areas in town where there are always people out. One BIG negative - the water in the water fountains tasted awful.

Finishing up by going through River Oaks I got hungry, thirsty, and pretty much drained. We stopped at the corner of Buffalo Speedway and 59 to refill our water bottles at the gas station. Something to note was that although I really enjoy coconut water way more then I enjoy gaterade, it's not so good warm. And I had filled up all of my fuel belt with coconut water when we started off. Being picky, I only drank 3 8oz bottles before it got too warm. The water at AllenParkway was almost unbearable to drink. So at the gas station I dumped out all my bottles and refilled. We trudged on, but I ewas not feeling up to it anymore. So BF left me to go run half a mile off Buffalo Speedway and then come back, while I trudged home. Slowly.

But it was 17 miles. And it could have been worse.

I actually didn't nap. I've been awake all day after that, which is pretty amazing. But tiem for bed now, as restless as I'm feeling hopefully I can calm down and sleep.

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