Monday, May 18, 2009

Traveling: Troy NY

This morning I am posting from lovely Troy NY. I am up for my little brother's graduation, and I am using this opportunity to get some stellar hill practice in...or to try.

My fabulous running buddy is here! We're setting off to explore my alma mater!

When I put together routes, I like to use because I can save the routes that I use, and I end up using ones near home quite often. Also, I can look up other people's routes. The downside about it is that there is only a manual option, unlike g-map pedometer that has a running setting (follows the shortest route possible while staying on the streets using the proper flow of traffic for a runner) and a biking setting (ditto, but biking traffic laws). So, for example, when I use walkjogrun to map my run down allen parkway into downtown and then back up memorial, I end up using hundreds of dots, which often causes to the system to slow down. Not so good.

Anyway, the point of the story is I looked up other people's routes on walkjogrun and found a long run that went into the back of Troy NY out in the country. I thought that would be scenic so I combined a route through campus with this route, headed down route 2, then a right on Troy Country Club Road, and another right on Pawling, a road I am familiar with. The course was set to cover 10 miles, and be pretty damn hilly.

However, upon turning down Route 2, we realized there was no adequate sidewalk, and not nearly a wide enough shoulder. So we decided to turn back and make up a bit of a route. There was enough sidewalk going the other way for us to make it down to Pawling (the three roads form a triangle). Our route ended up being little more then 7 miles, but hey...we're on vacation.

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