Sunday, June 7, 2009

10 Miler - the last one from here

Today's run was a pretty simple and enjoyable route - a 10 miler that started near my apartment and went to the rice loop, the hermann park loop, and then west on Rice to Weslayan and back. It was a great day for a run, although hot, so we took it nice and slow. I normally don't enjoy the end of the run, in this case from buffalo speedway to Weslayan and back, but I do enjoy that stretch because it is a very pretty residential area. We also pass baseball fields, and a pomegranet tree!

Why is it my last one from here? I am moving! Things are going to be extremely busy the next couple weeks, so I may not have much time to post about my runs. But I will be back up and reporting byt he time Seattle rolls around! It's in 3 weeks!

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