Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hills at Hermann

We couldn't join HoustonFit for hill training yesterday, so instead we went to Hermann Park after work and run up and down the hills in front of Miller Outdoor Theatre. It was tough. And boring. But the BF stuck with it for a full half hour, and I was very impressed.

Workouts like hill training really make me regret the decision to do Seattle. I will feel like I am quitting if I drop to the half marathon, even though I am not very well prepared for the full.

We'll see. I have some thinking to do.

I think I have mentioned it before but the BF and I have registered for San Antonio Rock N Roll, which is the training program we're doing with HoustonFit. I had wanted to do a January marathon, like Bermuda, but Bermuda is the same weekend as the Houston Marathon. My mom wants to run the half, and I would like to see her do that. But I'm just not too excited about other races in January. So I may shift gears a bit and focus on some smaller distances again (anyone done the 3M Half Marathon??), plus we have the Texas Independance Relay in March, and that should be an interesting time. So we'll see (again).

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KCWoodhead said...

3m is great!! I have done it twice. Downhill course and Austin. What else could you ask for?