Saturday, July 25, 2009

10 Miles with Houston Fit

This morning we got up and finally joined Houston Fit for a 10 miler. I was obviously the back of the pack, but had a very nice girl running with me for part of the run. She was behind me towards the middle and ended up getting picked up by the sag wag. :(

It was, as usual, hot out. I was def the last one in, but I'm not too worried about it because I know that will my speed training and with the weather cooling off I will get fast(er) again.


kinder teacher said...

I'm training for the fall 1/2 with HF and I have to agree with you that the run on Sat. was a hard one...only I was just running 7. Still wasn't fun. I hope you got in for the Chevron. Thanks. Alison

Amanda said...

Hi Amy! I found your blog link after reading some posts on Houston Fit, and then I realized you were the girl I was running with a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for keeping an eye on me during that 10-miler. I've since gotten some new shoes, and did a 5 mile run this week with no leg/knee pain. Guys at Luke's think my old shoes were causing problems. Anyway, I'll be there Saturday for the 15 miles, and hoping I'll be able to finish without having to ride back in the truck. Hope to see you there!