Sunday, July 19, 2009

8 miler

We're gearing back up! BF and I went for a run this morning. We were out the door at 6:10 and headed off to do 8 miles. We ran down TC Jester, took a right on Washington, and weaved west and south until we hit memorial. Down Memorial to Picnic Lane and back!

It's nice that we're closer to Memorial now, because I think there will be more opportunities to exercise.

The run was hot, and we walked a majority of the way back. But there is a nice little hill on TC Jester for us to go over, and in fact, we actually saw a guy biking the hill, u-turning, and biking back up. Repeatedly. Now we know a place close to home to do hill training.

Sometimes I get a little down on the fact that I'm so slow. But then I think about all the people I started HoustonFit with last year, and how many of them actually made it to the full marathon. And here I am still chugging along. Go me!

Now we are caught up with Houston Fit, and will be running the 10 miler with the fall group next weekend.

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