Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fitness Challenge Research

Using my new "race pace", I recalculated my V dot. Now that I have a better way to control my pace instead of just guessing, I'm going to try to use this information more effectively. Here is a handy link to explain how you should use the V dot information.

So basically for tempo (threshold) training, I need to hold the "hard" (read: uncomfortable) pace for an extended period of time. For speed (interval) training, I need to use short bursts of speed. Interval training increases your VO2 max (the rate at which your body consumes oxygen) while threshold training builds up a tolerance to lactate build up in the muscles (basically building up your pain levels, in a nicer way of putting it).

So, according to my Vdot above, I should be running I training at 5.3 mph, and T training at 4.9. It seems slow, but that article says a lot about how it is counter productive to run faster then that.

To calculate your own V dot.

Now, moving on to the core workouts!

I'm not going to talk to much about this, because I think the article explains it pretty well. Ignore the title please (I hate stuff that promises that you can lose weight or get in shape fast). The important pages are 2 and 3. Page 2 shows you where your core muscles benefit you as a runner, and page 3 shows you moves to do (without equipment) that can strengthen those areas.

So this is my plan. It's actually kind of stupid for me to post this, because I am giving BF the information on how to beat me in our challenge, but I think that's ok :) He will be a worthy opponent no matter what.

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