Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toe update

Friday night before bed I was thinking about the run for Saturday. I had printed out the map and wrote out the directions. I go to check on my toe, and it's been draining and gone through the bandage. BF and I looked at it, and both voiced concerns about exacerbating the toe and
causing more damage. I countered with us already being behind in training. He suggested switching to the half marathon. Either way, we both decided there was too much drainage to run.

Today was my supposedly final follow up appointment. They cleaned it again (ow ow ow) and I talked to the dr about how it still bothered me and often drained through the bandage (like that morning, if I hadn't had the Drs appointment I would have had to change my bandage anyway
thanks to a pink spot starting to show). The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and sent me on my merry way.

Will I run this weekend? We will see. BF is out of town this weekend and we finally got a gym membership, so I may go to the gym on friday to try to crank out a mile on the treadmill and then bike if it's too painful. I'm starting to feel falling out of shape, which is not a
nice feeling.

Am I going to run the SA full? 11.5 weeks to go from rusty and injured to 26.2....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My toe is unhappy

Saturday was supposed to be a 10 miler. I was looking forward to a (relatively) easy run.

Friday I went to the podiatrist (actually his assistant) and they cleaned up my wound.

Got up at 5 on Saturday and barely made it to the run on time. We are walking and I can feel pain in my toe. I run a couple of paces, and it feels better so I'm sticking with the run. BF goes off to join his group and I start the run letting the groups catch up.

And it's rough. I can feel the shoe bending and hitting the wound. BF catches up with me and we decide not to exacerbate things.

It was a good thing we did. I got home to soak and redress the wound and it was bloody. I also had just wrapped it without applying the cream, and thus got cotton stuck to it.

So I'm back on the injured bench - for now. I moved my next follow up appointment to a Monday so if they do clean it will be after my run.

I am going to have to adjust the next few runs to make up for two runs off.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Poor toe!

Ok so it's not that bad. Friday I had an ingrown toenail fixed. It started bothering me the night we went to L.A. I'm no stranger to ingrown toenails. As well as being a symptom of running, they are also genetic. My dad and my brother have had them (and my brother does not run).

The podiatrist took care of mine Friday, and so I skipped the 15 miler with HoustonFit. BF and I tried to get up on our own this morning to run it. We planned a 5 mile loop to do. We got up at 4 am...and did one loop. It's really just too freaking hot to run. We decided to do loops because that allows us to refill water and fuel with certainty, but the disadvantage is it's easy to quit.

Looking at the schedule for a while, We've got an 18 miler coming up. Unfortunately I have class that starts at 10 am that day. I'm not sure if I should run less in order to get back in time (we do have another 18 miler scheduled). I do know that doing it on my own is not an option, because it just won't get done.

Anyway, I have a follow up with the Dr on Friday, but I should be up and running soon!

Monday, August 3, 2009

L.A. Fitness

In the quest for OUR gym, BF and I tried out LA Fitness.


It's huge compared to the other two we've tried
It has a pool
Two classrooms
More machines
Bigger locker rooms


Crowded, despite it's size
Most expensive of the 3
Is a big gym really a good thing?

Overall, I just don't think it had the feel that we liked at Crew.

But we worked out to get a feel for the place. I started by walking 400 meters at 3.5 mph and then running 400 meters at 5.5 mph. The pace felt good and comfortable, which was nice. However, as I went on, I developed a side stitch that was really bothering me. Plus my shins were sore, so I hopped off the treadmill and went down to stretch. I tried to stretch out my abs, but that's when I realized that my lower back was what was sore.

I went off to do some weights. I started with the abs machine at 80 pounds, then I did biceps, triceps, and a chest press all at about 40 pounds.

By the time I got done with that BF finished his 2 miles and I was hungry and my pre-existing headache was getting stronger, so we opted to call it a day.

I realized when we got home that my toe was bothering me. Now I'm a bit worried because it might be an ingrown toenail (a lovely fate for runner's toes). Hopefully it will get better before the 15 miler this weekend!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

12 mile run with Houston Fit

The 12 miler today was difficult, but I'm showing improvement. I ran
nonstop until the first water stop, which was about four miles. I was
the back of the pack, but I kept in sight of the group ahead of me. I
stopped longer then they did at the water stop though while I
refilled, so I got farther behind. But at the halfway point was
another stop, and I stopped and stretched. I went on, and I could see
a runner ahead of me, one that wad in the group ahead of me but had
fallen behind. Fortunately a couple blocks later I realized we had
both missed the turn. Basically 10th street changed names and it
wasn't noted in our directions. But I figured it out thanks to the
iPhone and flagged the woman in front of me down and kept going. It
was slow and steady, and I think a lot of people had a miserable
time. But thankfully it was not sunny out.

Probably around mile 10 my hip flexor started to get sore. Very sore
to the point that I was almost limping. I could also feel the centers
of my feet getting raw, as they had blistered last week.

So I walked the rest in and finished in about the time I expected. I
don't think I'm taking enough electrolytes, because I only had about 2
Gus during that run as well as maybe 12 oz of Gatorade. Something to
work on.