Saturday, August 1, 2009

12 mile run with Houston Fit

The 12 miler today was difficult, but I'm showing improvement. I ran
nonstop until the first water stop, which was about four miles. I was
the back of the pack, but I kept in sight of the group ahead of me. I
stopped longer then they did at the water stop though while I
refilled, so I got farther behind. But at the halfway point was
another stop, and I stopped and stretched. I went on, and I could see
a runner ahead of me, one that wad in the group ahead of me but had
fallen behind. Fortunately a couple blocks later I realized we had
both missed the turn. Basically 10th street changed names and it
wasn't noted in our directions. But I figured it out thanks to the
iPhone and flagged the woman in front of me down and kept going. It
was slow and steady, and I think a lot of people had a miserable
time. But thankfully it was not sunny out.

Probably around mile 10 my hip flexor started to get sore. Very sore
to the point that I was almost limping. I could also feel the centers
of my feet getting raw, as they had blistered last week.

So I walked the rest in and finished in about the time I expected. I
don't think I'm taking enough electrolytes, because I only had about 2
Gus during that run as well as maybe 12 oz of Gatorade. Something to
work on.

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