Sunday, August 16, 2009

My toe is unhappy

Saturday was supposed to be a 10 miler. I was looking forward to a (relatively) easy run.

Friday I went to the podiatrist (actually his assistant) and they cleaned up my wound.

Got up at 5 on Saturday and barely made it to the run on time. We are walking and I can feel pain in my toe. I run a couple of paces, and it feels better so I'm sticking with the run. BF goes off to join his group and I start the run letting the groups catch up.

And it's rough. I can feel the shoe bending and hitting the wound. BF catches up with me and we decide not to exacerbate things.

It was a good thing we did. I got home to soak and redress the wound and it was bloody. I also had just wrapped it without applying the cream, and thus got cotton stuck to it.

So I'm back on the injured bench - for now. I moved my next follow up appointment to a Monday so if they do clean it will be after my run.

I am going to have to adjust the next few runs to make up for two runs off.

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Morgan said...

I hope it gets better! I'm dealing with serious big toe issues too! Oh the joys of running huh? Why do we do this again? Oh yeah, BECAUSE WE CAN!!!