Monday, August 10, 2009

Poor toe!

Ok so it's not that bad. Friday I had an ingrown toenail fixed. It started bothering me the night we went to L.A. I'm no stranger to ingrown toenails. As well as being a symptom of running, they are also genetic. My dad and my brother have had them (and my brother does not run).

The podiatrist took care of mine Friday, and so I skipped the 15 miler with HoustonFit. BF and I tried to get up on our own this morning to run it. We planned a 5 mile loop to do. We got up at 4 am...and did one loop. It's really just too freaking hot to run. We decided to do loops because that allows us to refill water and fuel with certainty, but the disadvantage is it's easy to quit.

Looking at the schedule for a while, We've got an 18 miler coming up. Unfortunately I have class that starts at 10 am that day. I'm not sure if I should run less in order to get back in time (we do have another 18 miler scheduled). I do know that doing it on my own is not an option, because it just won't get done.

Anyway, I have a follow up with the Dr on Friday, but I should be up and running soon!

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