Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toe update

Friday night before bed I was thinking about the run for Saturday. I had printed out the map and wrote out the directions. I go to check on my toe, and it's been draining and gone through the bandage. BF and I looked at it, and both voiced concerns about exacerbating the toe and
causing more damage. I countered with us already being behind in training. He suggested switching to the half marathon. Either way, we both decided there was too much drainage to run.

Today was my supposedly final follow up appointment. They cleaned it again (ow ow ow) and I talked to the dr about how it still bothered me and often drained through the bandage (like that morning, if I hadn't had the Drs appointment I would have had to change my bandage anyway
thanks to a pink spot starting to show). The doctor prescribed some antibiotics and sent me on my merry way.

Will I run this weekend? We will see. BF is out of town this weekend and we finally got a gym membership, so I may go to the gym on friday to try to crank out a mile on the treadmill and then bike if it's too painful. I'm starting to feel falling out of shape, which is not a
nice feeling.

Am I going to run the SA full? 11.5 weeks to go from rusty and injured to 26.2....

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Robert said...

I hope your toe gets better. Looking forward to you visiting my blog and following it as I will start to follow this blog as well.