Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's about time for a long run

Today I met up with HoustonFit for the first time in, oh, forever.

They were scheduled to run 10 miles, which I figured might be a little much for the first time back. However, the route conveniently ran right by my house, so If needed home was a short walk away. I met up with the slowest group of runners (14:45 min/mile goal time), which was actually really good because the full fall marathon group just doesn't HAVE a slow group. So I'm always the back of the pack, and usually by myself half way through the run.

I didn't do the 10 miles, obviously, but I did do 7. I did walk more towards the end, but mostly I kept up with the 5/1 or 11/1 strategy. It was a good run. It was hilly (T.C. Jester's green belt) so my butt was feeling it by the end because I always made a point to speed up over the hills.

Next week, HoustonFit is doing 12. It's interesting looking at the training schedule, because the Fall group is not training for just one's New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Koala Half here in Houston, etc. So really there are several "peaks" in the training program. I dont think I'm going to do 12. I think I'm going to do this:

Oct 3 - 10 (HF does 12)
Oct 10 - 8
Oct 17 - 12 (HF does 6)
Oct 24 - 10 (HF does Koala Half)
Oct 31 - 9
Nov 7 - 6

It feels weird to think about tapering already. At least I have learned from this experience that a lot (A LOT) of training is mental. I may not be physically there, but if I keep it mental I can make it.

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