Thursday, September 3, 2009

End to July/August Fitness Challenge

Sit ups in 1 minute
Amy 22 27 22.73%
BF 56 58 3.57%
Running one mile, in minutes
Amy 11.08 10.63 -4.06%
BF 7.7 6.3 -18.18%
Push ups in 1 minute
Amy 22 31 40.91%
BF 30 38 26.67%

Fruits: Amy - 2.06 BF - 2.00
Veggies: Amy - 1.72 BF - 1.31
Water: Amy - 52.72 BF - 50.49

As I said, BF won the weight challenge (not showing you the stats on that!). So I won the fruits, veggies, water, sit ups, and push ups. Woot!

It will be interesting to see how much better we do when we actually work hard (i.e. are injury free).

P.S. my toe was fine during the run (I had it bandaged, which was a bit annoying). However, I stubbed it while working outside tonight.


Kellie said...

Good job! I'd love if I could compete with my husband like that, but he'd kick my butt in everything but the mile!

Amy said...

Haha...the important thing abouit this was that is was percent improvement. Who ever improves the most compared to their original time wins. Otherwise I would have no shot whatsoever in the mile! lol.

Robert said...

good job!