Sunday, October 18, 2009

Changing seasons brings....

sunburns, longer runs, more sleep, more running company...

Yay! This morning when I woke up (at 7:15 am) it was 54 degrees out! Perfect for a run, if not a bit cold.

DF and I headed out for the run a bit before 8. He biked while I ran. I covered a little less then 12 miles. I drank a lot of water (a gallon!) and ate 4 Gu packets. I def got tired out towards the end, but it felt pretty good.

However, I was exhausted afterwards! I really need to get back to mandatory nap time.

My course was out our block the long way and then around W. 11th St Park and then all the way up the White Oak Bayou Trail and back. It was georgeous out, and eventually got pretty sunny...I'm not quite burned but my freckles multiplied.

Yay! I'm officially tapering. I have been thinking about doing the Koala and Luke's Locker Half, but it's just so time consuming and I dont want to be a zombie all day Sunday (we're carving pumpkins!)

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