Saturday, October 3, 2009

Long run!

I had a GREAT long run this morning. Today is a big day (engagement and birthday party tonight) so I knew I didn't want to get up really early to go running with HoustonFit. So I set the alarm for 6 am and DF and I went out. His foot is still bothering him, so he biked alongside me! I ran about 9.7 miles, and then added on another mile of walking (warm up/cool down). It went great. I only took walk breaks for logistics (water breaks, stoplights, etc) and DF was able to help out by keeping me company and safe (and he biked home to refill my water bottles!). It was also lovely out...very comfortable. My most enjoyable run in a long time.

I think I did it in 2:36?

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Morgan said...

Have a great time tonight!!!!! Good job on your run!!!