Sunday, August 15, 2010

I have a race!

Kind of like I have a dream, only a lot sweatier.

My family and I have won lottery tickets for the Aramco Half Marathon! Hubby (yes, he's now my hubby!) and I debated a lot about how to train. I loved running with HoustonFit, but the downsides are its just too freaking hot outside, and when it does cool off, they still meet really early in the morning. Plus, when you have someone to run with, it's a lot easier to stick to your own schedule.

So, we will not be joining a running club. I have developed a plan myself, combining HoustonFit, Galloway, Hal Higdon, and the Couch to 5K program.

Today was the official start, although I've been running 2-3 miles on a pretty regular basis lately. Today's run was 2.65 miles long (2.5 plus cool down, 32 minutes total). I ran 19 of those minutes at 6 mph (on the treadmill) and then 13 of those minutes at 3.5 mph (walking on the treadmill).

We are also in for the Texas Independence Relay again, and I'm hoping to do the Gateway to the Bay Triathlon.

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